You Could Be in Commercials! Camp 7/11-15

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What an amazing week we had doing the You Could Be in Commercials Workshop!  We were a small group with GIANT ideas.

The week started with getting to know you exercises and group games so that we all started to feel comfortable working together and exploring our imaginations without reservation.  At times we worked with the other class so that the experience expanded further to include all of Dream Big campers this week.  Later on during Day 1, the three of us commercial campers sat down and started designing new products that we would love to see invented some day.  As the ideas started to pour out of these fantastic boys we were even able to start storyboarding rough commercial ideas for them.  We decided that we wanted to build our new inventions out of recycled material so that brings us to Day 2.  On Tuesday we enjoyed some warm-ups and games with the other campers and then quickly busied ourselves with choosing from the overload of recycled materials that everyone brought in.  We used our designs as reference and our imaginations to see just how these never-before-built products could come to life out of our recycled materials.  After making lists and piles it was time for a break, so off to the park we went!  Later that day we had the amazing treat of Joshua the Head Puppeteer from the 360 Degree’s Production of Peter Pan.  He came and did a workshop with us and taught us how to make a muppet with our hand.  He even gave us these little eyes to place on our knuckles so that we could see our hand puppet come to life.  It was so cool!  After the workshop, Josh stuck around and talked to our commercial class about how Jim Henson started off in commercials and helped us to figure out ways to fly in our own commercial.  He also showed us all about Door Theatre, which we had a blast learning and putting into the final showcase.  Wednesday was Build Build Build.  Who knew so much work went into making inventions real.  We used all sorts of materials and colors and had so much fun choosing the inventions that we were going to put together and then working together to make that happen.  This was a Fun Day.  Thursday was Commercial filming day.  We storyboarded more and used lights and costumes and filmed some of our commercials.  We even wrote in a part for our friends from the other class.  With little time left, we were even able to write some infomercials that we showed live on Friday as well as learned about professional commercial auditions and took a stab at slating and commercial copy. We filmed those too and put them with our other filmed commercials.  Friday was a SUPER day.  We warmed-up with our friends from the other class, created a little surprise for our guests (Long-Life Potion samples) and did a little practicing.  The families arrived and we were so excited and the showing went fabulously.  Watching the other class was really great too!  They were so GOOD!

We had an amazing week and can not wait to do it again :)



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