Coonley Broadway Kids Kindergarten Class 11/29

Posted by on Dec 1, 2011 in Featured Articles, Uncategorized

Yesterday was the final class and Big Performance for the Kindergarteners at Coonley. They couldn't have been more adorable or enthusiastic. It was a packed  house- Every student had a parent there to support and many had siblings in attendance to cheer them on as well! The group was visibly excited and a few experienced their first bouts of stage fright (which I felt they overcame more quickly than many adults I know!). The anticipation of sharing our work with the parents turned out to be a hugely successful motivator.

Throughout the term, emphasis was placed on using our bodies to create character, speaking audibly, and listening when another person had the floor- I felt significant progress was made on these fronts. I was also incredibly impressed with the work the students did OUTSIDE of the classroom: Every week after receiving the take-home CDs, the kids would return with greater command of their lyrics making my work easier and allowing them to focus on performing the material. By the time yesterday rolled around, they were singing with such Bravado, I had trouble balancing the CD music so that it could be heard, which was THRILLING.
As the term went on, there was a noticeable increase in willingness to work with new teammates, and to participate in exercises that asked students to publicly "take-on" an emotion or character. These things were particularly evident in the performance yesterday and I COULD NOT have been more proud of their progress and bravery.  


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