Coonley Broadway Kids Grade 2-5

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November 21, 2011

Wow...this group of students really impressed me today.  We've got twelve amazing students in this class, and they have been enthusiastic and creative from day one, but today, while rehearsing for our show next week, this group really proved they were performers.  We set out early in the session to write the script together using a handful of student-generated ideas and let improv give the scenes dialogue.    Everyone contributed to our story, so we all knew exactly what would happen.  Everyone got to decide who they wanted to be in the story.   Students even contributed dance moves to the songs we choreographed - this production was a real group effort!

But we still had some challenges.  Due to a couple of unforeseen absences, we didn't finalize parts or send out scripts until relatively late in the session.  Today was our last chance to practice before next week's show.  Did we know the show well enough to go into next week's performance confident and excited?  We started class with a line run-through to check how everyone's memorization was coming along.

Wow!  Everyone not only seemed to have their lines down perfectly, but each actor also knew exactly when his or her line needed to happen and which character he or she was speaking to.  It was clear everyone had done some great work at home.  The next test: on our feet.  Could we remember where everyone needed to be?  Wow!  With a couple of quick reminders, the action flowed smoothly - and as each song came up, everyone joined in and gave it their all.

The best part - - this class didn't just know their words and moves.  No, they took ownership of their play today, and really acted their story.  I can't wait to show this piece to an audience next week, and have this group get the applause they deserve - for their hard work, their imaginations, and their acting.  I wish everyone reading could come down to our "pizza parlor" next week and see the awesomeness for yourselves.   I hope every student enjoys performing next week as much as I enjoyed watching them today!


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