Broadway Kids at Lincoln Elementary

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Every week I look forward to teaching this class. The students are so enthusiastic about musical theatre and have become great friends and partners with one another over the past few weeks.
Every week we strengthen our IMAGINATION and our BRAVERY - two qualities every successful actor possesses. In order to use these qualities we must warm up our BODIES and our VOICES through games and exercises. Some of the student's favorites are the "Singin' in the Rain" warm up and the "Bibbity Bibbity Bop" game.
Together we have collaborated to write our own play to perform on the last day of class. We selected "Hakuna Matata" from The Lion King and "I Won't Grow Up" from Peter Pan and created our own scenario around these songs. Our play centers around eight sailors out at sea who get caught in a rain storm but luckily find themselves on an island loaded with buried treasure! Last week we created a backdrop for scenery which the students seemed to really enjoy.
I am so impressed with how much the students have learned and grown over the course of the session. I am grateful to have such an enthusiastic class!
-Julie Schroll

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