Both sides of the story

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For the past two weeks, I have had the pleasure of not only holding my current position as the Manager of Operations & Marketing for Dream Big but also being the parent of a Dream Big camper. Here are both sides of my story.


In truth, I put my son in our camps out of convenience - I needed him entertained while I worked. He is your typical baseball loving, racecar vrooming, superhero aspiring six year-old and I wasn’t quite sure he would actually enjoy drama camp. However, after being greeted at pick up on the first day with, “That was awesome, do I get to go back?!” I knew he was hooked.

I cannot even explain how much he loved the creative aspects of our camps – he relished in creating his characters (he was Mike the Lion in one camp and Silver the Wolf in the other), he bragged to his friends about the fun drama games they played throughout the weeks and (most important to his theater-loving mom), he gained a real interest in theater. Prior to these camps, he has enjoyed going to child-friendly plays at local theaters but now he’s singing songs from Newsies and Wicked and desperate to see both of them live on stage.

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As a member of the Dream Big team, I know that our teachers are outstanding, I believe that what we offer is unique on many levels and I understand how important the arts are in a child’s life. However, as a parent, nothing quite sums it all up like the pure joy in your child’s face. Here are some of our favorite pictures from Musical Theater and Sing Your Heart Out, enjoy! - Charlotte







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