A College Intern’s Perspective: 6/22

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Walking into the black box theater to watch the Musical Theater camp performance on June 22 was like taking a step back to my middle school days. As a drama camp alum, I remember the thrill of the last day, the excitement of finally putting everything you worked on all week together to show your parents and friends. I could see the anticipation in the kids' eyes as they buzzed around, adding final touches and checking their friends' costumes. Even though my theater days are over, it was great to get a brief flashback to myself as a preteen.

Now, as a marketing intern, I have a different perspective on the camps. Not being directly involved allowed me to see just how beneficial these camps can be for kids. At the end of the performance when I went to talk to the kids, I was shocked at how comfortable and confident they were talking to me. Having been 12 years old not too long ago, I remember how self-conscious I was talking to adults, and how nerve-racking it would have been to perform something I had created in front of a crowd. The fact that these girls were so confident, even with the added vulnerability of having written their own musical, was amazing to me, and is a testament to the supportive, accepting environment Dream Big fosters.

Not only were the girls comfortable with themselves, but they supported one another. Middle-school age girls are not always the kindest, but this group seemed to genuinely like each other and encourage one another. To me, it was a positive environment where they could grow as people and have a ton of fun.

Another rare opportunity Dream Big provides is the chance for preteens to have something completely their own. The students have control over the entire project: they write and choreograph their own performance, something not many 12-year-olds can say they’ve done. No one tells them what to do or how to do it, so they have a sense of ownership that I think preteens crave, and Dream Big gives them that chance.

Overall, I loved the performance and the chance to see a little bit of myself eight years ago. The new perspective gave me a chance to really appreciate the drama camp I attended, and Dream Big.

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