A College Intern’s Perspective: 7/13

Posted by on Jul 16, 2012 in Featured Articles, Uncategorized

I could hardly believe my luck when I arrived at First Free Church in Andersonville. In just 30 short minutes, I would get the chance to see not only dragons and monsters, but orphans too. Both the Annie camp and Dragons, Monsters and Creepy Creatures camp performed their end-of-the-week performances for parents and friends on Friday, showing off their creativity and musical theater talents. I was once again amazed at the students' talents, and loved seeing the differences in performance between the younger and older kids. In so few years, they go from simple drama games (adorable!) to memorizing song and dance routines and making quick costume (and character) changes. It was so cool to see how much children grow and develop in such a short period of time, and I once again got a flashback to my days of wandering around my house, singing songs from Annie. Overall, a fun and educational Friday.

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