Thank you to our generous sponsors for supporting drama education in our local schools. Because of you, our students have been able to DREAM BIG this year!

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Because of your support, the following Wish Programs have been granted:

Suder Montessori "Cosmic Lessons" Drama Integration Program

  • Children Reached: Approximately 120 1st-3rd graders
  • Duration of Program: 38 weeks, 152 class periods, and 3 performances
  • Class Description: Dream Big staff will work with classroom teachers to design drama activities that take students through a process of experiential learning opportunities to act out The Great Lessons, and important and unique part of the Montessori curriculum. In this curriculum, students' imaginations will be awakened to the awe of inventiveness and innovation that is an innate part of the human spirit.
  • Total Program Cost: $ XX,XXX

Improv Elective Program

  • Children Reached: Approximately 80 7th-8th graders
  • Duration of Program: Five days a week, 192 hour-long classes, 2 performances
  • Class Description: Improvisation is a way to students to work on character development and delve into real issues while building teamwork in a fun and non-threatening environment. Especially important for middle school students, Improv helps build self-esteem and creates scenarios where participants think quickly on their feet and embrace change and free-form thinking.
  • Total Program cost: $ XX,XXX