School Testimonials

Peck Residency

For 14 weeks, Dream Big and Peck 7th graders worked together to explore debating, public speaking and performance. In addition to growing in confidence, working as a team and developing public speaking skills, students also chose, researched and developed their debate topics.

At Dream Big, we believe that theater and the arts are an incredible tool for learning skills for now and for later in life and we are so grateful to Ingenuity for funding this entire residency at Peck.

Helen C. Peirce International School Residency

For 14 weeks, Dream Big and Peirce 2nd graders explored Swedish heritage and culture in addition to looking outwards to movement and journeys throughout the world and ourselves. Using drama, creative writing, storytelling and their imaginations they created a performance of "A Dramatic Journey: Exploring Stories of Migration and Movement from Sweden and Beyond".

We are so thankful to Ingenuity for fully funding this residency with Peirce.

2nd Grade Dramatic Journeys - Exploring Stories of Imagination & Movement from Sweden and Beyond from DreamBig on Vimeo.