Wish Program

What would you wish for if you didn't have to worry about funding?

Dream Big is proud to introduce our Wish Program. We have become aware of the budget concerns many schools are facing. In response, we have been working on a new plan to provide your ideal program at little to no cost to you. The Wish Program is a funding alternative so we can provide your students with everything you would want if you didn’t have to worry about a budget. Part of Dream Big's mission has been to make our programs accessible to all children. In the past 10 years of operating, we have never turned away a child due to their inability to pay. We would like to start expanding that vision to schools.

The Process

Our goal is to enhance student learning as well as foster creativity, self-expression and teamwork through the performing arts while building confidence on stage and off. You and your staff know best what will benefit your students the most, and we are here to customize a program to ideally fit those specific needs.

We will begin the process by working with you and your staff to design your ideal program including target grades and classrooms, thematic content and curricular areas with which we will integrate drama, length of time, goals, etc. Dream Big’s staff will then create a proposal that outlines all of these details as well as how we will execute this plan successfully. Then, we will work in partnership with you to fundraise the means to carry out your performing arts program and help to bridge the gap in funding arts education in your school.

Okay, Let’s get started!

If this sounds like an opportunity you would like to take advantage of, please email our Education Director, Siobhan Maycraft, info@dreambigperformingarts.com with the best days and times to reach you over the phone this week so that we can get started on designing your Wish Program. We want to get all interested schools on board as soon as possible, so that we can make every effort to ensure funding for programs by September 1.