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FREE Drama Integration Classes at your School this Spring




As a way to honor the work you do in your classroom every day, we would like to offer you a drama integration lesson co-designed by you and our education team at NO COST to you or your school. We are interested in getting an idea of how you would incorporate drama into your curriculum if you didn’t have to worry about a price tag. So let’s get creative!

As you know, drama in the classroom can enhance the curriculum and give diverse learners access to understanding and comprehension in hands-on, fun and imaginative ways. We specialize in implementing drama as a multi-disciplinary tool that we creatively integrate into core subjects in partnership with you, the classroom teacher. It can also be a stand-alone “specials” class or be used as a supplemental lesson to foster teamwork, trust, collaboration, build social-emotional skills or celebrate the end of a unit or the end of the school year. The list of possibilities goes on and on!

Our challenge to you, the classroom teacher, is to choose an area of your curriculum that you would like to enhance through drama in a free one-hour lesson this spring. Share your vision and goals for your end-of-year program on this very short and simple application. See below for inspiration. We have listed ideas and suggestions that will hopefully get your creative juices flowing. We would also like to know how you would expand your vision if you had time for a longer residency. If you have the beginnings of an idea, but aren’t really sure where to go with it, call Siobhan, our amazing Education Director, and she can work with you over the phone to develop your idea.

Please submit your application by May 17, 2017. We will follow up with you shortly after to start the collaborative process.

We can’t wait to work with you and your students!

Here's the simple process at a glance:

  • Fill out the application here. See list of possible ideas below.
  • Submit form no later than May 17, 2017
  • Meet with our Education Director, Siobhan Maycraft, to develop your complimentary curriculum and confirm your scheduled date.
  • We come to your classroom to deliver the best drama programming to you and your students!
  • We’d love to hear how we did in a brief follow-up survey.
  • Space is limited. In order to guarantee your spot, please submit your application early.

Apply Now!

Please contact us at 773-944-9146 or with any questions.

A Letter from a Student

One of our teachers recently received a letter from a Dream Big student for Teacher Appreciation Day. This shows the true impact we can have on their lives.


Suggestions for End of Year 1 Hour Sample Classes

The sky's the limit! These are merely suggestions to inspire your imaginations! Feel free to use one of the ideas below in your application or invent your own.

Speak Out -  Your voice matters! In this class we’ll play drama and public speaking games to increase students confidence and enable them to feel more comfortable when giving presentations or speaking in front of large groups.

Grade Transition - They’re moving on. This class give students an outlet to express their feelings, hopes and fears about transitioning to a new grade or a new level of schooling. We’ll use drama games, role play and improv to explore and create together.

Drama as a Special - Taster - Are you interested in having drama as a special? This class will give you an insight into a drama curriculum tailored for you and your students.

Creative Writing Celebration! -  From page to the stage! Using Creative writing from the school year, students work in groups to act out their stories.

Year in Review - K-5th grade - Students play drama games and activities that help them reflect and celebrate their learning throughout the year. 5th grade + - Students devise a short play based on their learning during the school year.

Celebrate each other! -  We’re all in this together! Students play team-building activities and games that acknowledge the highs and lows of the school year as well as celebrating their successes.

Broadway Kids in an hour! - Students choose one Broadway song and create their own characters, simple storyline and act out a mini-play at the end of the class!

End of Unit Recap - Have you just come to the end of a unit studying animals, the planets, math or famous presidents? We can tailor a drama class to any topic, we love getting creative!