Performance at Edison Regional Gifted Center

Posted by on Jan 23, 2011 in Featured Articles

We had our final performance at the Edison Regional Gifted Center this past Wednesday and it was fantastic! This class was the first Dream Big Broadway Kids class we’ve ever held at Edison, and we had an amazing group of students ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade in our class. We had a ton of parents come out to the show, and the Edison administration was there to support us as well!

Our show was a play written by the students, entitled Camping in the Rainforest. Like any good storytellers, it was packed with conflict: a huge boulder came rolling towards them out of nowhere, and they escaped by ducking behind a tree! Then, just when the group finally managed to pitch their imaginary tent (showing off the group’s miming skills!), it started to rain so hard it was like a hurricane. When the rain finally stopped, the group decided it was too much trouble to camp in the rainforest and headed home. To cheer themselves up for the journey home, they sang “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah!”

The performance was a triumph! This group had very little rehearsal time for this session, and it was wonderful to see how hard each one of them had worked – everyone knew their lines and several knew all the lines - Elyssa volunteered to help us out by saying a line for a student who was sick and couldn’t make it to the performance.

As a special bonus, we had just enough time at the end of class to play a game for the parents, and the students picked one of their favorites – “Magic Clay”. I have some invisible clay that can be shaped into an object, and once someone makes an object out of clay and uses that object, we all guess what it was. This class made great objects using a lot of details – most of them we could guess without even waiting to see how they were used! We had a computer and sunglasses and a shirt – everyone got a turn, and everyone got some magic clay to take home.

We had a great day with all these students, and we can’t wait for next session to start!

-Elizabeth Dowling

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