Rainy Day Activities with a Dramatic Spin!

Posted by on Aug 12, 2014 in Featured Articles

Entertaining Your Kids on a Rainy Day with a Dramatic Spin!

Written By: Olga Tymouch and Lisa Lang

Umbrellas, soggy rain boots, and wet clothes, all stark realities of a rainy day, can be a godsend for someone looking to curl up with some hot tea and good book but can be a nightmare for parents with kids in the house. Whether they are younger or older, kids all need to have outlets through which they can exert all of their pent up energy. This becomes particularly tricky for parents on days when playing in the sun is not an option. Never fear! There are many options for your children that can be fun, educational, and leave you with some great memories. Resorting to TV and video games will be your last choice after you read these tips on how to entertain your kids with a dramatic spin, all while never having to leave the house.

  1. Play Dress-Up

We’re all familiar with the fact that kids love dressing up. Whether it’s in Mom and Dad’s clothes or as their favorite characters, this activity can lead to all sorts of imaginative games that are intellectually stimulating and fun! Expressing themselves through acting, role-playing and creative play at home is the gateway that can build the confidence that we all desire in our kids and develop their imaginations. And there’s a good chance that you will end up with some great pictures to share of the experience!

New Dramatic Spin Idea: Perhaps you can create a runway and host a fashion show!  After your children have had fun dressing up, you or one of the kids could act as the MC, describing the latest fashions in dress up clothes. You can get as creative as your imagination will take you... “And now down the runway is Princess Elsa, all decked out in her icy blue dress and snow-capped slip-on sandals.  Following her highness is the brave knight from Far Far Away Land.  Notice his shiny silver cape and rugged demeanor.”  And don’t forget to take pictures. Your child can have fun compiling all the photos into a digital scrapbook or montage.

  1. Baking

When days are filled with school, after school activities, and homework it is oftentimes hard to fit in everything that you would ideally like to. Rainy days are the perfect time to take advantage of this spare time and get your kids involved in a hands on activity. Baking something as easy as cookies that the whole family can enjoy will make them feel important and grown up.

 New Dramatic Spin Idea:  If your children are familiar with the recipe and directions, you can video tape them doing an on-camera cooking demonstration.  They can explain the steps as they prepare the dessert just as the hosts do on your favorite cooking shows!  If you can video tape them on your iphone (or other mobile device) they will LOVE checking out their cooking show debut on screen or even share with friends and family!  What better way to share your best family recipes!

  1. Games

There are a slew of games at your disposal that require little to no prep time. Musical chairs, charades, hide and seek, and printable coloring sheets are all creative ways to pass the time with your tots.

New Dramatic Spin Idea: If your child is currently in any drama classes, have him teach you some of the fun games that he is learning.  Fun ones to play at home for even 2 or more participants can include: Wax Museum, Zip, Zap Zop, Family Portraits, Magic Wand Game (turn each other into various objects and characters), etc.  Your children should remember the rules and they’ll love to share the fun with you!

  1. Have an Indoor Picnic

Picnics are always a favorite pastime and what could be more fun than having a non-traditional one inside. Grab a blanket, some utensils, maybe those cookies that you baked earlier and you’re sure to have a great time.

New Dramatic Spin Idea: While on your picnic, you can use your imaginations to decide where and who you might be.  Perhaps you are members of the royal family on a picnic outside your castle feasting on an abundance of the most glamorous foods possible.  Or you can pretend you are on a desert island where you cooked the food you just caught on an open fire.  In character, what would you talk about?  Would you have accents?  What do you see in your imaginary environment?  What does it smell like?  What do you hear?  The more descriptive you and your child can get, the better!

If you liked any of these ideas, let us know!  We’d love to hear from you.  Also, feel free to contribute some of your creative rainy day activities.  You might have your own dramatic spin idea or we can brainstorm more together!

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