Broadway Kids at Newberry

Posted by on Mar 22, 2011 in Featured Articles

I can't tell you how much fun we've been having in Broadway Kids this session at Newberry! It is a class of four but they are mighty!! Two students have returned from last session and have seamlessly joined forces with our two new students. All four are creative, quick on their feet, positive and talented performers! We have a lot of laughs together while learning what makes great theatre!

Together, we have written an original musical called Finding Home Again, which incorporates two songs from hit musicals - "Hard-Knock Life" from Annie and "We Go Together" from Grease! Every week, we start by warming up the 3 essential parts of what makes up an actor - our bodies, voices and imaginations. We then play some drama games to get our creativity flowing and illustrate key points about creating interesting and amazing stage pictures and performances.

Last Thursday, we started off class by warming up our bodies and voices with a shake-out and our imagination with creating a commercial! The play that we wrote has some magical elements, so I asked the students to create a commercial for a magical product. They had to come up with a name for the product (in this case, a ceramic vase with fake flowers inside!), what it did, how much it cost and where it could be purchased. They are so incredibly clever and gifted when it comes to improvisation! They came up with a magical flower product that would tell you anything you needed to know about the future - you just had to ask! It was both imaginative and entertaining!

After the commercial presentation, we learned the choreography to "We Go Together" and reviewed the choreography for "Hard-Knock Life," which they learned over the past 2 weeks. Their memory is amazing and I know that they will rock those musical numbers out! :) Next week, we will begin blocking (staging) the play and putting all of the pieces together!

Again, we have such a blast and I think it's great that we have new students as well as returning students making awesome theatre together! Thanks for sharing your kids with us at Dream Big!

-Eli Katz

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