Broadway Kids at Lincoln Elementary

Every week I look forward to teaching this class. The students are so enthusiastic about musical theatre and have become great friends and partners with one another over the past few weeks. Every week we strengthen our IMAGINATION and our BRAVERY - two qualities every successful actor possesses. In order to use these qualities we must warm up our BODIES and our VOICES through games and exercises....

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Broadway Kids at Bell Elementary

This class is always loaded with enthusiastic energy for musical theatre! Many of the students have taken the class before and are becoming masters at the fundamentals of every successful actor: IMAGINATION and BRAVERY. In order to access our imagination and bravery we begin every class by warming up our bodies and our voices through games and warmups. Some of this class's favorites are the...

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Broadway Kids at Edison Regional Gifted Center

This is the smallest class I teach but the most loaded with creative ideas and enthusiasm to learn. Some of the students have taken the class before and have favorite games that I try to incorporate into the curriculum while introducing them to new games and concepts every week. I stress the importance of IMAGINATION and BRAVERY in actors, qualities that we express thru our BODIES and our...

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