Coonley Broadway Kids Grade 2-5

November 21, 2011 Wow...this group of students really impressed me today.  We've got twelve amazing students in this class, and they have been enthusiastic and creative from day one, but today, while rehearsing for our show next week, this group really proved they were performers.  We set out early in the session to write the script together using a handful of student-generated ideas and let...

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Mini-Showstoppers in Andersonville!

We are having a great time in our Mini-Showstoppers class this session!  Our class of 4 to 6 year olds are always completely ready to play and laugh.  We've been playing "princesses and dragons" a lot, with the dragons evenly divided between good dragons and mean dragons.  Fortunately, even the mean dragons are usually won over with imaginary pie - thank goodness! Our class especially enjoys...

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Performance at Edison Regional Gifted Center

We had our final performance at the Edison Regional Gifted Center this past Wednesday and it was fantastic! This class was the first Dream Big Broadway Kids class we’ve ever held at Edison, and we had an amazing group of students ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade in our class. We had a ton of parents come out to the show, and the Edison administration was there to support us as well! ...

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