July, 2012

The Power of Music in My Life

Today marked the five year anniversary of my mom's passing. One of the greatest gifts my mom shared with me throughout her life was her love and passion for music, specifically musical theater. Around 5 pm tonight, I was baking loaves of our favorite chocolate chip banana bread, while listening to the Julie Andrews channel on Pandora. I found myself singing along, and as I did, my spirits were...

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A College Intern’s Perspective: 7/13

I could hardly believe my luck when I arrived at First Free Church in Andersonville. In just 30 short minutes, I would get the chance to see not only dragons and monsters, but orphans too. Both the Annie camp and Dragons, Monsters and Creepy Creatures camp performed their end-of-the-week performances for parents and friends on Friday, showing off their creativity and musical theater talents. I...

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A College Intern’s Perspective: 6/22

Walking into the black box theater to watch the Musical Theater camp performance on June 22 was like taking a step back to my middle school days. As a drama camp alum, I remember the thrill of the last day, the excitement of finally putting everything you worked on all week together to show your parents and friends. I could see the anticipation in the kids' eyes as they buzzed around, adding...

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